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ZVex Mastotron Silicon Fuzz Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a ZVex Mastotron in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. The Mastotron is a heavy silicon fuzz design that includes a couple of unusual features, with source impedance control, subs control, and pulse width control. It works equally well with bass and guitar, and can easily be interfaced with digital devices like recorders and keyboards.

The Push/Relax input impedance control adjusts from passive pickup to line level, allowing the user to dial in the sweet spot depending on the source. It works very well for re-amping bass tracks that need to be fuzzed up after tracking, and adding that extra layer of dimension to keyboards. The three-position sub control switch accommodates low end tailoring, while the Tone control adjusts the treble content. Further adding to the Mastotron's flexibility, an adjustable Pulse Width and a wide Fuzz depth control are offered.

Cosmetic wear is limited to faint wear mostly relegated to the bottom edges of the enclosure. The white graphics are pristine, and the original black knobs are intact.