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Yamaha Reface CP Electric Piano Synthesizer 37 Key w/ Box


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Up for sale, a Yamaha Reface CP digital piano synthesizer in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. Part of the Reface series, the CP pays tribute to some of the most timeless analog electric piano sounds, with sleek retro styling and a portable design. The vintage keyboard sound engine features six selectable Types including Rhodes Mark I, Rhodes Mark II, Wurlitzer (200A), Clav, Toy Piano, and unsurprisingly, the Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand Piano. The sounds are quite convincing, and to add even more dimension, the HQ mini keys are velocity sensitive for an enhanced natural response and dynamics.

Left to Right: Sliders for Volume and Octave are followed by the Type selector. Built in effects include a control for Drive, which can impart a nice growl to the signal. A three-way mini toggle selects between Tremolo/Off/Wah with Depth and Rate knobs, followed by a Chorus/Off/Phaser mini toggle with Depth and Speed knobs, a Digital Delay/Off/Analog Delay mini toggle with Depth and Time controls, and finally a Depth control for Reverb.

The built-in stereo speakers add to the convenient portability, while an array of connections offer plenty of interfacing options. 1/4” Left/Mono and Right outputs are available, as well as 1/4” stereo Phones, Aux In, MIDI, and USB. A sustain pedal can also be connected. The keyboard can be powered off a 12v adapter or via six AA batteries (not included).

Cosmetic wear is limited to just a few faint scuffs on the edges of the enclosure. The graphics are minty, and all of the original knobs are intact. The original box is included.