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Yamaha NS-10MX Studio Monitor Matched Pair, Magnetically Shielded


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Up for sale, a matched pair of Yamaha NS-10MX studio monitors in perfect working order. Introduced in 1978 as hi-fi consumer speakers, the NS-10 quickly became the go-to standard studio reference monitor for professional mixing. Six models have been released in three stages over the last twenty years, with each new iteration building on improvements of the last. The NS-10MX came out six years after the NS-10M Pro, generally considered to be the pinnacle of NS-10 design and rarely seen outside of Japan.

The NS-10MX's drivers are both magnetically shielded. This cancels noise from/to other nearby electrical equipment, and makes them the most pristine sounding of the NS10's. Other improvements on the original NS-10 platform include new terminal connectors on the back, a nominal RMS power capacity increase of 60 watts from 25 watts, an increased maximum peak power of 120 watts from 60 watts, and extended bass response down to 60Hz from 85Hz. The “tissue issue” of the NS-10M was resolved with a redesigned tweeter to subdue the harsh high frequencies that had been fatiguing for producers and engineers. The NS-10MX has no tweeter grill cover and so the tweeter sits flush with the sealed box. The new crossover circuit was adjusted to give more load to the mid-bass driver, and the build quality is sturdier overall than the original NS-10 enclosures.

This particular set of NS-10MX studio monitors are a matched pair, with matching driver numbers. Cosmetically, the cabinets exhibit some wear on the enclosure edges, most notable on the tops and bottoms. The speakers function as intended, and there is some light discoloration of the cones and one spot of light impact on one of the speaker dust caps.