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Wayde Audio Firecat 50 Boutique 1x12 Tube Guitar Amp 6L6 w/ Celestion Vintage 30


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Up for sale, a Wayde Audio FireCat 50 112rb 1x12” combo amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a slip cover. Handcrafted in Santa Clara, CA, Wayde Audio amplifiers feature premium componentry and top-notch build quality, combining classic tube circuits with modern design.

This Class A/B fixed-bias FireCat 50 packs plenty of bold, rich tone in a compact, portable form factor. It’s based on an American-style preamp and reverb circuitry, with a British power section, resulting in a balanced sound with sweet, singing trebles, ample lower-midrange warmth, and punchy lows; perfect for pristine clean sounds and creamy, vintage-sounding drive. And both the tube-driven spring reverb and Boost circuits are footswitchable (two-button footswitch not included).

Simple, user-friendly controls include Drive, Treble, Mid, and Bass knobs, with Reverb and Boost knobs, and a Master Output Volume control. The Hi-Fi Master Volume control is built into the phase splitter circuit, retaining the tonal color and dynamic qualities of the signal when turned down. The preamp is based on a ‘60s Black Panel Fender, yet with increased bass response, and the passive three-knob EQ is placed between the two gain stages for optimal control of overall tone color. Offering ample clean headroom, the signal cascades into thick overdrive above 6 on the Drive control.

The tube complement consists of two individually-biased Wing C Svetlana 6L6 power tubes, with a preamp section of three 12AX7s and one 12AT7. The cabinet is loaded with the stock Celestion G12 Vintage 30 12” speaker, delivering ample harmonic complexity and a warm, vocal-like midrange.

Other premium features include:

-Hand-wired PC Board construction, double-sided high quality 2oz copper circuit board
-Switchcraft jacks, Carling power switch, Alpha Pots
-Cornell Dubilier decoupling caps
-Ceramic tube sockets
-Custom “audiophile quality” transformers, crafted in the USA by Victoria Magnetics
-Transformer protection circuit when no speaker is connected

The cabinet is crafted from finger-jointed solid Lyptus, and the CNC-cut baffle has a diffuser design to prevent beaming. Cosmetic wear limited to a handful of minor marks on the cabinet, while the faceplate has clean graphics, and the amp is topped off with a premium leather handle.