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Vox AC30HH 50th Anniversary Handwired Tube Amp Head w/ V212H Cab, Celestion Blues


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Up for sale, a Vox AC30HH 50th Anniversary head and V212H cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order, loaded with the factory pair of Celestion Blues 12" speakers. This discontinued amp commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Vox amplifiers, and the hand-wired Heritage Collection hearkens back to the golden age of Vox, combining the prized EF86 preamp channel of 1958 with the 1963 Top Boost channel, all in one amplifier. This limited edition model features blonde tolex, brown diamond lattice grillcloth, and leather handles, and the cabinet is loaded with the factory pair of Celestion Blues 12" speakers, known for their quick attack, smooth breakup, and bell-like alnico tone. A two channel affair, this AC30HH works as follows:

Channel 1 is the legendary EF86 Preamp channel, featuring two inputs wired in the traditional Vox way with a 6dB gain difference between the two. A two-position Bass Shift switch is included, with position 1 voiced to the original vintage-correct bass response, and position 2 voiced to tighten the bass response and reduce muddiness during high volume use.

On the three-position Brilliance switch, position 1 is a new position voiced like the early Vox AC30 “Treble” amps, while position 2 is the original brilliance circuit, which acts as a dramatic bass cut. The switch provides a flat response in the 3rd "off" position.The EF86 Mode switch reconfigures the EF86 valve from Pentode mode to Triode mode. Triode mode will give a lower gain tone with higher headroom, while Pentode mode is the famed original Vox mode and has a very sweet high gain response with less headroom.

Channel 2 features the highly-prized and desirable Vox Top Boost preamp circuitry. Like Channel 1, this channel includes two inputs wired with a 6dB gain difference. The Treble and Bass controls are lifted from the 1963 Top Boost circuit and are extremely interactive. Very minor adjustments of these controls can yield dramatic changes in tone color. And true to Vox form is the Top Cut control, which cuts the highs from either channel as it’s turned up.

The O/P Switch adds even more flexibility to the Vox AC30HH. This switch changes the power output valves from Pentode Mode, which is the normal operating mode of the power amplifier, to Triode Mode which halves the power output to 15 watts while offering smoother tonal characteristics.

Cosmetically, the amp and cabinet present extremely well, with only a few modest scuffs on the white tolex on the enclosure edges and well-kept brown diamond lattice grillcloth.