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Victoria Regal II 1x12 Tube Amp Tweed, Near-Mint w/ Adaptive Transformer, Cover & Ftsw, EL34


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Up for sale, a Victoria Regal II 1x12 tube amp in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original two-button footswitch and padded cover. Victoria offers some of the finest boutique Tweed-style amps on the market, favored by players including Joe Bonamassa and Dan Auerbach. Hand-wired in Naperville, Illinois, this Regal II is a Class A, cathode-biased, dual single-ended, variable output (5 to 35W) amplifier; with a Valco-meets-Fender design and “TV-front” cabinet, loaded with an Eminence Legend 12” speaker (a less common variant, as most Regal II's have a 15" driver). It also features footswitchable tube-driven spring Reverb and Tremolo.

The heart of the Regal II is its adaptive transformer, which enables it to use one, two, or mismatched power tubes without having to re-bias for incredible sonic flexibility. The bi-filar transformer essentially functions as two discrete transformers driving a common speaker load; as such, any combination of 8-pin power tubes can be used, from a single 6V6 delivering 5 watts of pure class A power to two EL-34s for 35 watts. The tube rectifier can also be swapped for any common five-volt rectifier, such as the 5Y3, 5U4, and 5AR4.

The hand-wired circuit features premium, vintage-spec components throughout including Sprague capacitors, Allen Bradley resistors, and CTS pots. The current tube complement consists of a pair of Tung Sol EL34 power tubes, three Tung Sol 12AX7s and one Sovtek 12AT7 in the preamp, and a JJ GZ34 rectifier.

The lacquered tweed covering is notably clean, as is the oxblood grillcloth and premium leather handle. The faceplate and graphics are pristine, with perfect white silkscreen text and a full complement of chicken head knobs.

A padded slip cover is included, along with the two-button footswitch to engage the Reverb and Tremolo effects.