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Union Tube & Transistor Tsar Bomba Muff-Style Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Union Tube & Transistor Tsar Bomba Muff-style fuzz, brand new in its original box. Designed to be both 15dB quieter than a standard Muff and 5dB louder, the Tsar Bomba is specifically designed to stand out in a mix in a way that few Muffs do. One complaint occasionally heard with Muffs is that they can sound great on their own but get lost when played in a band. The Tsar Bomba employs an original design tone circuit which allows for very precise sculpting to help you carve out your own sonic space. Current draw is 12mA.

This box boasts a 9v DC power adaptor jack (adaptor not included) as well as an internal battery clip. All Union Tube & Transistor pedals are hand-crafted in East Vancouver, BC and feature rugged Hammond die-cast aluminum enclosures, socketed IC chips, Alpha pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, and top quality parts throughout.