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Union Tube & Transistor Shiny Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal, Shin-Ei FY-2


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Up for sale, a Union Tube & Transistor Shiny fuzz, "Bean Counter" edition. A boutique iteration of the vintage Japanese Shin-Ei FY-2 fuzz box, Shiny delivers the no-nonsense buzzsaw fuzz tone heard on countless records (Pete Townshend was an early fan and consistent user of the FY-2 circuit for a solid decade). This pedal delivers a thick, churning bed of sonic destruction with just the right amount of ripping sizzle on top. It's shoegaze magic in a box. This box boasts a 9v DC power adaptor jack (adaptor not included) as well as an internal battery clip. All Union Tube & Transistor pedals are hand-crafted in East Vancouver, BC and feature rugged Hammond die-cast aluminum enclosures, socketed IC chips, Alpha pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, and top quality parts throughout.