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Bench Rate: $120/hr.

Our current instrument service lead time is approximately five weeks, and more intensive jobs including fretwork and neck resets can necessitate a timeline in excess of that estimate. Some small fixes (output jack issues, restringing, etc.) can be completed in a shorter time frame and we try to help out folks who have emergency situations right before shows and tours. 

All services reflect labor costs only. Parts (including strings) are additional.  We currently stock D’addario, Ernie Ball, Thomastik-Infield, and La Bella.

Acoustic or Electric Setup:  $120 

Setup w/ Locking Tremolo: $150

12-String Setup: $180

Neck Reset: $575 +

Bone Nut:  $135 (12-String - $190)

Bone Saddle: $100 - $150

Glued In Thru-Saddle: $185

Fret Level and Crown, Complete w/ Setup: : $275

Refret, Unbound Neck: $575

Refret, Bound Neck: $660

Stainless Steel Upgrade: $150

Bridge Re-Glue: $200

Headstock Break Repair: $225 +

Bridge Plate Replacement: $180 +

Acoustic Pickguard Replacement: $120 - 300 +

Acoustic Pickup Install: $180

Pickup Re-winding: $120 +

Pickup Potting: $120 +

Install new wiring harness, solid body: $120 +

Install new wiring harness, hollow or semi hollow: $240 +

Many services require new strings to be installed by the tech. Services that involve the adjustment of intonation require new and unplayed strings, preferably those installed by the on-site tech. This is to insure the most stable and correct results possible.



Since Day 1, Fender Offsets have been a particular focus of the Guitar Bar, and we're deeply passionate about making these guitars play their best. We carry Mastery products, as well as Lollar and Curtis Novak pickups. Whether it be a Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Duo Sonic or Electric XII, we're here to be a resource for you.



Bench Rate: $120/hr.

All services listed reflect labor costs only, and parts are additional. Most amplifier repairs are fairly unique to the individual amp, and we have cataloged a few of the more common maintenance issues below. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and evaluate your gear when you bring it in, so we both can have a clear expectation of the work needed. It can often take 1/2-1hr of labor to diagnose more enigmatic issues, so a minimum 1hr labor is a good rule of thumb.

Basic Service with Re-tube and Bias Adjustment: $120 +
Basic servicing can include any and all of the following, as needed:

  • Testing all tubes, operating voltages, power tube bias, and straightening tube pins
  • Installing new tubes as needed, checking/adjusting power tube bias, rechecking operating voltages
  • Cleaning, spraying out and exercising potentiometers, switches, jacks, tube pins and sockets
  • Checking all wiring, speaker(s), cabinet, baffle and speaker hardware

Replace/Rewire Speaker(s): $120 +

  • Buzzing/blown/lame speakers are a bummer, here are some options:
  • Speaker re-cone (Pricing varies depending on speaker type/size)
  • In-house repair of tears or holes
  • Speaker replacement
  • Baffle repair / hardware replacement

Pedal Repairs: $60 Minimum (1/2hr)

Yes, we repair pedals! This can sometimes walk the line of cost effectiveness, but often the problem is a simple one, and we can get them up and running in short order. Some collectible, vintage pedals deserve more time and money, and as with amplifier restoration, we can service vintage pedals with the right parts to preserve/restore their sonic glory.



Bench Rate: $120/hr.

There are few things we enjoy more than having a vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano on our bench. We have spent years learning how to properly tune and voice these pianos, replace pickups, adjust action and do general restoration and cleanup on these incredible instruments. 

Basic Tune and Voice: 3-4hrs

  • Tune all tines
  • Balance volume
  • Shim harp as needed
  • Clean all connections & controls

    Please reach us via email at or by phone at 206.399.8518 for an estimate on your repair.