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Union Tube & Transistor More Preamp Boost Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Union Tube & Transistor More preamp boost pedal, complete with the Union pedal crate and T-shirt.

Here's what the builder has to say about the More pedal:

"This pedal is a guitar preamp capable of sweeping from +5db up to +40db of clean gain. Its maximum undistorted output level is +16dBu and it is intended for use with a tube amp.


The More can offer some nice gain structuring when run in conjunction with other overdrive or distortion pedals, but it also has enough gain to clip the converters in many digital pedals when maxed out, so keep this in mind when placing it in your signal path. The unit is yours and you are obviously welcome to do with it as you please, our suggestion however is to put it just before your tube amp or if you are running a series of pedals to put it last in the signal chain.


There is a lot of gain on hand so we thought we would tell you a few of the scenarios in which we have found the pedal particularly useful.

Solo - From minimum to around 12 o'clock. In this range the unit will definitely let your guitar punch from a hint to wow!

Sweeten All - From 10 o'clock through 2 o'clock. Leave it on and forget it. This will help tickle your first preamp tube and you may find it becoming the missing link in your tone.

Low volume gain/Holy crap - From 2 o'clock through the Maximum there are a couple nice features. First by taking a low gain amp and really overdriving the first tube you can attain nice gain structure and have your amp breaking up at 1 or 2 instead of the usual 6-7 (this is like the Sweeten but with more gain). Second if you have a dimed out amp and feel like you can't get any more out of it and want that holy crap factor, go from off to on in this setting and let it rip.

The More uses a standard 9V centre negative adaptor. Power consumption with no signal is 45mA and at max OP (+16dBu) is 52mA."

All Union Tube & Transistor pedals are hand crafted in East Vancouver, BC and feature rugged Hammond die-cast aluminum enclosures, socketed IC chips, Alpha pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, and top quality parts throughout.