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Tweed Bandmaster Custom-Built Boutique Tube Guitar Amp 3x10 w/ 1950s Jensen P10R Speakers


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Up for sale, a custom-built 3x10 Tweed Bandmaster in near mint condition and in perfect working order. A no-expense-spared build, this amp boasts a trio of genuine vintage Jensen P10R alnico magnet speakers, a full vintage tube set, and Mercury Magnetics transformers. Easily one of the rarest and most desirable tube amps from the latter half of the '50s, this narrow panel Tweed Bandmaster-style circuit is faithful in every detail, delivering the throaty overdriven roar and glassy clean snap indicative of Fender's Tweed era of production. A two-channel affair with individual Volume controls as well as Treble, Bass, and Presence controls shared between the four inputs, the Bandmaster hits that perfect sweet spot output-wise to deliver quintessential sizzle and roar at volumes that can keep up in a live situation yet are still manageable enough for smaller rooms and at-home noodling. While both channels have unique voicing characteristics, the real magic happens when you jumper the inputs and cascade the Volumes for additional thickness and power. The circuit boasts top-tier components throughout, with a trio of Mercury Magnetics transformers, F&T filter caps, tubular Jupiter capacitors in the preamp, CTS pots, and cloth-covered leads. A combination of carbon comp and low-noise metal film resistors and mica caps round out the premium component choices. The tube compliment includes a matched pair of vintage Tung Sol 6L6GBs, with an RCA rectifier and a combination of GE and RCA valves in the preamp.   The Jensen P10Q speakers are a vintage trio, and the two bottom speakers feature immaculate blue/green frames with original Jensen foil labels and clean 1957 date stamps. The upper Jensen P10R features a silver frame and a 1956 date code. These speakers are worth a small fortune on their own, integral to the rich response of the Bandmaster circuit. Cosmetically, this amp is near mint with a lacquered tweed finger-jointed enclosure, premium leather handle, gleaming chrome faceplate, and black chicken head knobs.