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Tone King Gremlin 1x12 Boutique Tube Amp 5 Watt w/ Attenuator, Turquoise


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Up for sale, a Tone King Gremlin 1x12 tube combo in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original manual. Driving a single KT66 power tube, this streamlined single channel amp is engineered to deliver distinct Black Panel and Tweed-era tones.

This 5 watt all-tube combo's Rhythm input has a Black Panel-style tonal profile, more crisp and smooth with bell-like highs and increased headroom. In contrast, the Lead input’s Tweed-style drive has more bite and bark. These unique signals can be switched or blended via an optional A/B/Y footswitch (not included), and the onboard Ironman II reactive attenuator ensures that touch-sensitive drive can be achieved at any volume.

The amp is outfitted with a 12” Celestion speaker, voiced to maximize the qualities of the Gremlin, with detailed overtones, warm lows, and vocal-like mids. The cabinet is constructed of baltic birch, and this combo is exceedingly well-kept, with barely a mark on the two-tone Turquoise enclosure.