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Tone King Falcon Grande 1x12 Tube Guitar Amp Turquoise w/ Footswitch


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Up for sale, a Tone King Falcon Grande 1x12” combo amp in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original four-button footswitch and user manual. This streamlined single channel amp is engineered to deliver a vast array of quintessential sparkling American tonalities, ranging from Deluxe-style clarity to Tweed smoothness and compression, easily accessed via the three-position rotary Voicing knob.

This 20 watt, 5881-powered all-tube combo features a dual-input (Hi/Lo) design, with a lush spring reverb for true American atmosphere. The three voices comprise Rhythm, Tweed, and Lead: Rhythm is designed to deliver a slightly fatter, warmer version of a mid-’60s clean tone, with a smoother, less spiky top end. The Tweed section is very faithful to vintage flavors, exceedingly versatile with great thickness and warmth at low volumes, picking up subtle growl and compression as you crank it up. The Lead voicing captures the rounded smoothness of a classic Valco/Supro amp, with great liveliness and bite when driven hard that never becomes too compressed or buzzy. These unique voicings can be easily switched via the included footswitch, and the onboard Ironman II compensated reactive attenuator ensures that touch-sensitive drive and edge-of-breakup feel can be achieved at any volume. The simple controls include Volume, Tone, Reverb, and Dwell knobs.

The amp is outfitted with a custom 12” Eminence speaker, rated at 8 ohms with a 38oz ceramic magnet, voiced to maximize the qualities of the Falcon Grande with detailed overtones, warm lows, and vocal-like mids. The tube complement comprises a matched pair of Boutique 5881 power tubes, with a matched pair of Boutique 12AX7s in the preamp section.

The cabinet is constructed of baltic birch, with Turquoise tolex accented by the white "TV front" baffle and silver sparkle grillcloth with matching turquoise stripe. This is an exceedingly clean amp, with just a couple small marks on the enclosure edges.

The original Tone King four-button footswitch is included, along with the user manual.