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Supro USA Sahara 25 1x12 Tube Combo Amp, Bruce Zinky-Designed w/ EL84


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Up for sale, a Supro Sahara 25 1x12” in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, loaded with a Warehouse ET65 British Invasion 12” speaker. This since-discontinued Supro was designed and crafted by legendary amp builder Bruce Zinky (former head of Fender’s Custom Shop amp division), featuring a hand-wired circuit. A simple, pure circuit powered by an EL84 power tube pair, the Sahara packs monster tone in a compact, portable form factor, with the exceptional quality and attention to detail associated with the Zinky era of Supro production.

The Sahara delivers pristine cleans and ample treble clarity, with the harmonic complexity and percussive cut inherent to the Supro sound. When pushed hard, it cascades into saturated, smooth vintage-flavored overdrive. This amp is also notably dynamic, responding well to player inputs. The simple controls on the single channel design include Volume, Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs, with an on-board footswitchable Boost/Compressor for that extra kick (footswitch not included). The back panel has dual speaker outs and a rotary ohms selector, accommodating 4, 8, and 16 ohm loads. The tube complement includes a pair of Sovtek EL84 power tubes, with two EHX 12AX7s in the preamp.

The speaker has been upgraded to a Warehouse ET65 British Invasion 12”, rated at 8 ohms and 65 watts, designed in the vein of a classic Celestion G12-65 and producing sparkling highs, tight mids, and creamy lows.

This amp is extremely clean cosmetically, with rough brown tolex, cream grillcloth with silkscreened Supro logo, a small vintage-style Supro badge, and a premium leather handle. The white faceplate has clean graphics and distinctive pointer knobs. Cosmetic wear is limited to just a scant few faint marks on the grillcloth and a scuff or two on the tolex.