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Soldano Avenger 50 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Camouflage Gray Tolex, New Old Stock, SLO


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Up for sale, a Soldano Avenger 50, new old stock and in perfect working order, acquired directly from the man himself, Mike Soldano. In fact, it's literally the last brand new Avenger 50 ever made. No longer in production, this amp is one of Soldano's most popular and enduring circuits, capturing the high gain bliss of the SLO. The 50 watt Avenger delivers pure Soldano overdrive tone with a single channel design that offers the saturation, grit, and touch-sensitive singing sounds of the SLO. Plugging into the High input jack accesses the full gain of this true rock ‘n’ roll amplifier. The Low input bypasses the first gain stage for a cleaner, more vintage crunch. In addition to the Preamp, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master Volume, and Presence controls, a Depth control is included for boosting overall low end, and a rotary Impedance selector switch allows the use of 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets. The head features unique Camouflage Gray 'Snow Patrol' tolex. Features: -Power: 50 watts -Weight: 40 lbs. -Dimensions: 9.5″H x 25″W x 9.5″D -Preamp Tubes: Four 12AX7 / ECC83 -Power Tubes: Two 5881 / 6L6