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Shin-Ei Companion 6TR Fuzz Wah Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal, Silicon Fuzz, Japan


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Up for sale, a 1970s Shin-Ei Companion 6TR Fuzz Wah in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This rare vintage Japanese-made effect has two independent effects, Fuzz and Wah. Similar in many respects to the FY-6 (better known as the Univox Super Fuzz, also made by Shin-Ei), this Fuzz Wah is a six transistor design that offers ripping buzzsaw sizzle and churn, with an octave up effect.

Controls are simple, with Volume and Fuzz controls, as well as a two-way Soft/Hard tone switch. The Fuzz can be engaged independently, with an on/off footswitch on the forward edge of the enclosure, while the Wah has its own dedicated on/off beneath the toe of the pedal.

The pedal has been fully recapped with all new electrolytics as needed, retaining all of the original C945 silicon transistors and otherwise untouched. Both footswitches are modern replacements as well, ensuring reliable functionality.

The black crinkle finish shows modest wear on the enclosure edges, retaining the "Alex Companion" badge. The aluminum faceplate has clean graphics and a pair of original knobs, and the chrome-plated wah pedal retains its graphics and central rubber grip pad.