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Shaman Amps JPB-35 Tube Guitar Combo Amp 1x15 w/ Altec 418, Gold Lion KT66


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Up for sale, a Shaman Amps JPB-35 1x15” combo amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a slip cover. Very little is known about the origin of this boutique tube amp, or the Shaman Amps brand itself. What we do know is that it’s a powerful, rich-sounding combo with a British-style, midrange-forward character, powered by a matched pair of Gold Lion KT66 tubes and loaded with a vintage Altec 418 speaker.

The amp offers loads of harmonic complexity, perfect for big crunchy chords or vocal melodic playing, and the bass response is immediate and focused, with sweet, airy trebles. Simple controls include Gain, Volume, Treble, and Bass knobs; the EQ knobs have a broad sweep, able to dial up a wide range of tones, and increasing the Gain quickly pushes this amp from edge-of-breakup creaminess to big, dirty roar. The tube complement consists of a matched pair of vintage Genalex Gold Lion KT66 power tubes, with a vintage RCA rectifier and a Mullard ECC88 preamp tube. The vintage Altec Lansing 418 DIA-CONE Type C 15" driver is rated at 8 ohms and has been professionally reconed.

The circuit features a Classic Tone USA-made output transformer, with an Edcor-branded choke and power transformer. Components include Sprague Orange Drop tone caps, low-noise metal film resistors, and CTS pots.

Cosmetic touches include the textured dark green tolex, steel corners, textured wheat grillcloth, gold “Shaman Amps” badge, and vintage-style blue jewel LED. There is also a second multicolor LED that turns on when the Standby switch is engaged. The original chickenhead knobs are present; the tips of the knobs have been sanded off to enable a full range of motion on all four knobs. Cosmetic wear includes a number of minor nicks and marks on the enclosure as a whole. The faceplate graphics are lifting/peeling a bit by the jewel lamp and input jack, and are otherwise in great shape.

A faux leather slip cover is included.