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Savage Audio Macht 12x Boutique Combo Tube Guitar Amp Class A 6V6 w/ Tremolo


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Up for sale, a Savage Audio Macht 12x boutique combo tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original footswitch. Savage Audio started in 1990 in the basement of owner Jeff Krumm’s home in Savage, Minnesota. Since then, Savage amps have been seen on stage with renowned artists including Beck, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, R.E.M., and Wilco to name a few. The Macht 12x produces warm, woody tones and unmatched volume in a single-ended, true Class A circuit.

The Macht 12x borrows from classic coveted single-ended designs while combining coveted vintage circuit features in new and innovative ways. A second 6V6 output tube offers more volume, headroom, and dynamic range, maintaining true class-A characteristics by configuring the two output tubes in parallel single-ended mode, much like the rare Gibson Gibsonette. The Volume and Tone control layout is deceptively versatile, as both of these knobs are highly interactive. At lower volumes, the amp has an open response with more presence, offering more muscle and meat as you turn it up. Similar to Fender's narrow panel Tweed Princeton, the Tone pot adjusts the balance between the two capacitors. The Tremolo is removed from the direct circuit when engaged, offering a broad range of textures from swampy and slow to fast and choppy, governed by Speed and Depth knobs. The tube complement includes a matched pair of Mesa 6V6 power tubes, a JJ GZ34 rectifier, and preamp tubes from the likes of JJ and Sovtek.

The single channel design features Hi and Low inputs, as well as Studio and Stage power attenuation options, and a Speaker Extension output. The finger-joined birch cabinet houses a Mojotone BV-30V speaker. The reddish-orange tolex is extremely clean with gold piping and salt and pepper grillcloth.The plexi Savage badge is intact on the face of the amp, and the cabinet shows only very light edge wear.