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Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz Rocket Series Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal, Silicon BC559


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Up for sale, a Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order. When it comes to authority figures in the world of fuzz, there are few folks as qualified as Roger Mayer. From ‘67 onward, he was responsible for creating and maintaining Hendrix’s pedals, modding them (sometimes even in between studio takes) to achieve Jimi’s desired tones. This modern offering from the fuzz legend was handbuilt in the UK and delivers a reimagining of the iconic modded fuzzes he built decades ago.

It’s a big, heavy-sounding fuzz, yet maintains the open sound and transparency associated with the classic Hendrix fuzz tone. Mayer has dialed in the pedal’s EQ for a sound that he describes as “well-rounded fatness,” and “never thin or fizzy.” The basic silicon transistor configuration (a pair of BC559s) is essentially a recreation of Jimi’s modded Fuzz Face, but modern construction techniques and componentry mean that the Stone Fuzz has a notably low noise floor, even when cranked. Additionally, it also functions notably well as a clean boost with the Gain knob rolled off.

Simple controls include Gain and Volume knobs, and the Stone Fuzz runs on an internal 9V battery. The "Rocket" enclosure has a distinctive Stone finish, which shows some light wear adjacent to the footswitch.