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1990s Fender Telecaster '67 Vintage Reissue TL67-SPL Sunburst Relic w/ Arcane, Lollar, Callaham


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Up for sale, a 1990s Fender "Sonny" vintage reissue '67 Telecaster model TL67-SPL, fully upgraded with USA-made premium electronics and hardware and a relic'd Sunburst finish. The only iteration ever offered by Fender of Keith Richard's #2 Tele "Sonny," this rare and long ago discontinued Tele model was produced in particularly small numbers and was offered only in the Japanese domestic market.

While Keef's "Micawber" Telecaster often gets the majority of the limelight, his Tele "Sonny" is an equally vital part of the Stones' sound, featuring an ash body, maple cap fretboard, and pickup compliment which includes a full-size humbucker in the neck position. The upgraded pickup pair includes an Arcane humbucker with a particularly low serial number (exact model unknown, as Arcane doesn't identify their humbuckers on the baseplates), paired with a Lollar Special T in the bridge position. Complete with a fully upgraded wiring harness boasting CTS and Switchcraft parts, this pickup pair accentuates the clarity and midrange presence of the solid ash body. The neck pickup is fat and round with excellent dynamic response and harmonic richness, while the bridge pickup is a good match in terms of perceived volume, offering chewy twang and a crystalline refinement ideal for cleans or touch-sensitive overdriven tones. The guitar weighs 7lbs 14oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 10-46 strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

The maple neck has a slender C profile carve with generous shoulder in every register and lightly rolled fretboard edges, measuring .815" deep at the 1st fret and .885" at the 12th. Unusual in its construction, this neck features no walnut "skunk stripe" on the back, closely matching actual production methods for 1967. As a maple fretboard was a special order in that year, the fretboard is a separate piece of wood capped on the maple neck. The neck has been refinished in a smooth satin nitro lacquer, complete with artificial fretboard relic'ing and flawless (ostensibly new) slender fretwire with perfectly rounded crowns. The guitar plays cleanly up the 25 1/2" scale with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The nut has been upgraded to a hand-carved piece of bone measuring 1 5/8" in width, and the headstock features a new period-correct block logo Telecaster waterslide decal and genuine Schaller-made, chrome-plated Fender "F" tuners.

The electronics boast the Arcane/Lollar pickup pair, full-size CTS pots, a Switchcraft three-way switch, and Sprague Orange Drop tone capacitor. The aged boutique Callaham bridge base boasts a trio of compensated brass saddles, ensuring ideal twang and articulation, and the plastics are updated as well, with a one-ply "Blackguard"-style pickguard with a perfect '50s sheen and edge bevel. The Sunburst finish bare minimum has light clear lacquer overspray, with both honest playwear and additional artificial relic'ing, particularly on the parameter of the slab body. The finish also has a slightly more matte appearance in the clear coat on the back, a result of the guitar sitting in its case for an extended period of time. The satin neck profile finish is also quite smooth save for a few shallow marks on the profile, mostly clustered behind frets 6-8.

A Fender-branded gigbag is included.