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1965 Fender Super Reverb Blackface Vintage Tube Amp AB763 w/ Ceramic Speakers, FEIC


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Super Reverb in excellent condition and in good working order. This amp hails from early in the second full year of production, retaining the Pre-CBS "Fender Elec Inst Co." faceplate text. Complete with the original two-button footswitch and boasting a well-maintained circuit, this Super sonically delivers the goods. Perfect for gigging situations and an ideal recording amplifier, the amp provides you with plenty of pristine Fender cleans until you hit the 4-5 range on the volume dial, where a bit of tube and speaker breakup send the amp into smooth overdrive. The reverb is lush and deep, and the tremolo has a nice pulse, with everything from swampy and slow to machine gun fast tremolo.

The circuit is features all of the original coveted blue molded Ajax tone caps in the preamp, an essential part of the sweet, musical nature of the Blackface circuits. The transformers include the original Schumacher output transformer, choke, and reverb transformer, with a genuine Fender-branded replacement power transformer. All of the original CTS pots are present save for a new bias pot, with visible date codes from the 8th week of '65. The power supply has been professionally recapped with Sprague Atoms, and the preamp features modern Sprague electrolytics as well, ensuring reliable, optimal performance for decades to come. The tube compliment includes a matched pair of Groove Tubes-branded 6L6 power tubes and a JJ GZ34 rectifier, with a bevy of largely vintage preamp tubes from the likes of General Electric and Raytheon.

The speaker compliment includes two original CTS ceramic drivers and a pair of closely matched Oxfords with similar baskets and wattage handling. More balanced and full sounding particularly in the bass register than the alnico speakers more commonly seen in a Super Reverb, these ceramic drivers perfectly capture the nuance, sparkle, and power of the AB763 circuit. Inside the cab, the original tube chart is present as well, with a Production Run #2 stamp and "OF" date code which translates to June of 1965.

The original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth are intact, with some very minor wear on the enclosure edges and darkening of the grillcloth. The original nickel corners, sphinx glides (feet), chassis straps, chrome tilt-back legs, and raised "Fender" logo are present.

The original two-button Reverb/Tremolo footswitch is included.