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1971 Traynor YVM-1 Voice Master Vintage Tube Amplifier Head, EL34


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Up for sale, a 1971 Traynor Voice Master YVM-1 tube amplifier head in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a full vintage tube compliment. Fully serviced and very original, this head drives a matched pair of EL34 power tubes, generating 50 watts. With a unique four channel design offering dedicated Volume controls for each input as well as a global EQ and Master Volume control, this amp can be used to power a variety of different instruments (such as a bevy of vintage keyboards) or simply a single guitar or bass, providing a bold, clean power amp that works well with effects pedals. While the amp can deliver a full bodied grind and richness with the preamp dimed, a sound well suited for guitar, perhaps the YVM-1's most overlooked attribute is as an ideal bass amp. This Traynor has ample low end response, and the large transformers keep the sound tight and full.

The amp has a very original circuit, with all of the original Hammond transformers and a preamp that retains all of the original pots as well as the mustard tone caps which are essential to the tonal color of this head. Both the original tube chart and dated inspection sticker are intact inside the cabinet. The EL34 power tubes are a vintage matched Dumont-branded, USA-made pair, and the preamp tubes are all vintage Phillips/Dumont-branded valves too (all ostensibly original to the amp)!

The amp retains all of its original knobs, with smooth black tolex and silver grillcloth fitted with the stock large Traynor logo. The head shows some minor scuffing and wear on the aluminum bumpers, but no serious wear of any kind. This Traynor lives up to the company's reputation of delivering amps that are true workhorses that perform reliably in stage and studio situations.The original tweed G&G hardshell case is included, along with the original COA with matching serial, hangtags, and case candy.