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1962 Gibson ES-335TDC Vintage Electric Guitar Cherry Collector-Grade 100% Original w/ PAFs, Case


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Up for sale, a 1962 Gibson ES-335TDC in 100% original, collector-grade condition and perfect working order, complete with the original hardshell case. A one-family instrument, this Gibson ES features a stunningly well-kept original Cherry nitro lacquer finish and pair of original PAF humbuckers. This golden age Gibson ES-335 has the models most coveted features, with rounded "Mickey Mouse Ear" body horns, dot inlay on the bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard, a one-piece Honduran mahogany neck with long tenon joint, and nickel hardware.

Exceedingly lightweight and lively at 7lbs 4oz, this guitar has a naturally smooth and broad sound with the articulation and glassy snap of the maple body and the inherent warmth of the semi-hollowbody construction. At the heart of this guitar are the original pair of PAF (Patent Applied For) humbuckers, retaining their original windings. Exceedingly dynamic, sweet-sounding and woody, these PAFs have stunning clarity and a vital, expressive quality befitting the pickup's reputation. The neck pickup that has ideal muscle for fat leads, while the bridge pickup is clear and sparkling with densely packed harmonics and a smooth growl and upper midrange cut when you dig in. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, we've dialed in this ES-335TDC with fresh 10-46 strings, low action, and spot-on intonation.

The one-piece mahogany neck has a slender C profile carve with an effortless, fast feel at the nut, gently increasing in overall depth with more shoulder and roundness in the higher registers, measuring .805" deep at the 1st fret and .920" at the 12th. The bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard is a nice dark cut of this hallowed tonewood, retaining the original medium jumbo Gibson fretwire which shows light, uniform wear on frets 1-4, with  fainter wear primarily beneath the plain strings until fret 9. The original nylon nut is intact, measuring 1 11/16" in width. The headstock retains the original double ring single line Kluson Deluxe tuners with incredibly clean, sharp-edged keystone buttons. The D string tuner button has shrunken modestly, yet still turns smoothly.

All of the electronics function as intended, and both humbuckers retain their original windings and complete PAF stickers on their baseplates, measuring 7.71k ohms in the bridge position and 7.92k at the neck. The wiring harness features the original long shaft CentraLab pots and Sprague Black Beauty tone caps, with pot codes from the 40th week of 1961. The original nickel no-wire ABR-1 bridge is intact with the correct foundry stamp on the baseplate, paired with the ostensibly original tailpiece. Interestingly, this tailpiece is the typical wraparound type recessed for the string ball ends on the inside edge, yet given the one family provenance of the instrument and perfectly matching patina, it's highly likely that this is the original component. All of the original plastic parts are intact including the pickguard (with original nickel bracket), black reflector cap knobs with clean text on the caps, and amber switch tip. Visible through the F hole, the original oval label is very clean with an inked serial number matching the number on the headstock, dating to early 1962.

An exceptionally well-preserved example, the rich, saturated Cherry nitro lacquer gloss is 100% original with no touchup or overspray, showing virtually no fading when compared to the finish better shielded from UV light beneath the pickguard. The finish is framed by ambered body binding, and cosmetic wear is limited to one spot of isolated broad lacquer checking on the back bass-side lower bout, a few light scuffs and minor marks across the back, and similarly restrained wear on top and on the body parameter. The neck profile shows light palm wear through the nitro gloss on the shoulders from frets 1-8, and some very shallow marks mostly central to the carve as well.

The original hardshell case with smooth black exterior and gold interior is included. The exterior is extremely clean, and the case retains all of its original latches, handle, and small metal Gibson badge, while the gold interior is loose along the lower bout edge.

A note on shipping: Shipping in the continental USA will be $300, fully insured and shipped via FedEx Overnight. We happily ship woldwide.