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Pigtronix Resotron Tracking Filter Analog Synth Guitar Effects Pedal Near Mint w/ Box


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Up for sale, a Pigtronix Resotron Tracking Filter analog synth effects pedal in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. The Pigtronix Resotron is an all-analog stompbox that brings pitch tracking capabilities to the world of envelope filter pedals for guitar, bass, and beyond. The filter at the heart of the Resotron is based on the SSM2040 chip found in the legendary Prophet 5 and Octave CAT synthesizers. The revolutionary Pitch mode allows the filter to follow the notes you play rather than how hard you hit the strings, causing the cutoff frequency of the filter to move around based on what notes the musician plays in real time. Traditional, Up, and Down (velocity-controlled) envelope modes are included along with an Expression input for foot-controlled filter sweeps and CV modulation.

The pitch-following effect found in the Resotron is analogous to the “key-follow” function found on many classic analog keyboards. Using the all-analog pitch-tracking circuit to control cutoff frequency, the Resotron delivers mind-blowing filter motion.

  • Cutoff: Sets the cutoff frequency of the filter when you are not playing
  • Peak: Sets the amount of Resonance “”Q”” of the filter
  • Sensitivity: Sets the dynamic response of the filter cutoff in ENV modes
  • Glide: Sets the attack time for the filter cutoff in Pitch mode
  • Blend: Sets the amount of optical compression that is blended in before the filter
  • HPF / BPF / LPF: Selects the filter type
  • ENV UP / PITCH / ENV DOWN: Selects the filter motion
  • Oscillate: Switches the filter into self oscillation for a pitch tracking synth in Pitch mode