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1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Blackface Vintage 2x10 Tube Amp AA864 w/ Jensen C10N


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb in excellent condition and in perfect working order. With good reason, the Vibrolux is one of the most desirable Fender Blackface models for its ideal size and power, performing well both on stage and in the studio with shimmering Fender cleans and smooth, lightly compressed tube overdrive when you push the amp towards 10 on the volume dial. Perfect for handling all of your favorite effects pedals and offering just under 40 tube watts through a pair of vintage 10" Jensen C10N speakers, the Vibrolux is the perfect platform for getting the most out of variety of guitars and stompboxes. Clean and sweet up til about 5 on the volume knob (with a perceived volume that's loud enough to keep up with an aggressive drummer), the Vibrolux has smooth attack and tube rectifier sag, not to mention lush tube Reverb and punchy Tremolo.

The preamp is 100% original, save for a new bias cap to regulate the power tubes, retaining a full compliment of original blue molded Ajax caps, a key ingredient in the sweet, musical character of Fender's Blackface circuits. All of the original transformers are intact, manufactured by Schumacher (Fender's primary transformer supplier in the '60s) and dating to 1965. All of the original CTS pots are intact too, with visible date codes from '65, matching the chassis stamp. The power supply has been professionally recapped with Sprague Atoms.

The Jensen 10" speakers are a matched pair of vintage drivers with clean black frames and foil stickers on the ceramic magnets, factory spec for this model yet dating to '66. These speakers are the perfect pairing for the Vibrolux circuit, offering Jense's hi-fi clarity and articulation. The tube chart is intact, with a faded "OE" date stamp which translates to May of 1966. The pair of brand new Tung Sol 5881 (6L6) power tubes are optimally biased, with a vintage RCA 5AR4 rectifier and an array of modern and vintage preamp tubes from the likes of Amperex and General Electric.

The original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth are intact, with sparingly little tolex wear and uniform aging of the grillcloth. The hardware includes the full compliment of witch hat knobs (with a couple vintage substitutes), raised Fender logo, handle caps, chassis straps, corners, and sphinx glides (feet).