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1980s Yamaha SG2000 Vintage Electric Guitar Cherry Sunburst Japan w/ USA Seymour Duncan PAFs


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Up for sale, a 1980's Yamaha SG2000 featuring a pair of Seymour Duncan PAF humbuckers. Known as the "Les Paul Killer" for numerous, very good reasons, the SG2000 is an incredibly well-crafted, soulful, and powerful instrument. Boasting neck through body construction, a carved maple top, and brass mounting plate below the bridge, this Yamaha was ahead of its time, and perfect for the player who wants an array of classic rock tones with a versatility and reliability rarely seen in the approximate Gibson equivalents from the same era.

Perhaps most closely associated with Carlos Santana's early work, the SG2000 was endorsed by Santana, and his influence resulted in many of the features that made the model a classic for unparalleled tone and sustain. According to Santana, the guitar was too light and didn’t resonate like he wanted. He recommended making the guitar heavier with thicker woods and installing a brass plate beneath the bridge, connected to the tailpiece (later patented as the Sustain Plate). Yamaha also used a three-piece laminated neck with two pieces of mahogany paired with a central maple section that was patented as the T-Cross System. This not only improved the stability of the neck, but also added to the tonal complexity, with features of both tone woods evident in the sound.

The pickup compliment includes a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro in the neck position, and an SH-1 '59 in the bridge. Both very popular spins on Gibson's PAF platform, the Alnico Pro II is a favorite of Slash, harnessing soft treble attack and low string pull of an Alnico II bar magnet, combined with a special vintage output coil wind to create a warm, sweet tone that is smooth and full, with tons of natural sustain. The highs sound thick and really sing, while the lows are warm and buttery, resulting in a pickup very sensitive to pick attack. The SH-1 '59 PAF features a slightly hotter Alnico V magnet, offering sweet sustain, full-sounding chords, and clear, bright attack. The '59 has a full low end, great for adding character to your clean sounds and sustain to your leads. This SG2000 weighs 9lbs 11oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 11-48 strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

The neck has a slender C profile carve at nut, with more roundness and shoulder in the higher registers, filling out to a baseball bat-worthy shape great for effortless lead work. The profile measures .810" deep at the 1st fret and .980" at the 12th. The bound ebony fretboard is meticulously inlaid with pearloid split triangles, and the guitar retains the original jumbo fretwire. The frets still play easily in every register, with notable grooves, primarily beneath the plain strings on frets 1-9, and lighter wear beneath the plains extending beyond the octave. The 1 11/16" nut is hand-carved from bone, adding to both the articulate tone of the guitar and the sustain. On the headstock, the original Yamaha-stamped gold tuners turn very smoothly and the "SG2000" truss rod cover is present as well.

All of the electronics work as they should, with the Seymour Duncan pickup pair wired to the original harness. The original bridge sits above the Sustain Plate, paired with the lyre-embossed stoptail, working in concert to ensure optimal resonance and sustain, and showing patina through the gold plating. Yamaha even made special versions of the Gibson reflector cap knob style, with ridges around the edges that make the knobs easier to grasp and roll with your finger for quick swells and tone adjustments.

Honestly played, the original Cherry Sunburst gloss finish exhibits pick scuffing on the treble side of the strum path, some dings and finish scuffs on top, primarily on the lower bout body edge, and various finish chips on the back parameter of the body, with a few additional nicks and finish scratches across the back. The smooth gloss finish is retained on the neck profile, with just a couple marks on the bass side shoulder from frets 4-6.

A padded gigbag is included.