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1996 Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer Filter Effects Pedal w/ Box, Manual


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Up for sale, a 1996 Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and manual. Produced from 1996-2001, the SYB-3 was among the first dedicated bass synthesizer pedals available, featuring a high-quality, tweakable, compact design. With an effective arsenal of synth sounds geared to accommodate low end integrity, the SYB-3 can turn any electric bass into a fat, cutting, square/saw wave machine.

Cosmetic wear is limited to faint scuffs on the enclosure. The graphics are pristine, and the original knobs, pink foil label, and serial sticker are intact. The original box and paperwork are included.

Compact pedal with 11 different modes for various bass synth sounds:
  • Internal Sound Modes (1-7): Uses input bass sound as a trigger to control built-in oscillator
  • Wave Shaping Modes (8,9): Processes input bass sound to create synth bass sound
  • T Wah Modes (10,11): Adds auto wah effects to the original bass sound
  • Freq. and Res. knobs control cutoff frequency and resonance
  • Effect and Direct knobs allow for independent level adjustment of synthesizer and direct sounds
  • Two outputs (A and B) for splitting synth and direct sounds
  • Hold function sustains synth sound, allowing bassists to play over the "held" sound