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1960 Fender Concert Pre-CBS Brownface Vintage Tube Amp 5G12 Circuit w/ Jensen P10Q Speaker Quad


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Up for sale, a 1960 Fender Concert in exceptional, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. The very first iteration of the Concert offered, this amp has strong ties to the Tweed-era Fender amps which were being phased out concurrently with this example. The feature set includes Triad transformers, a quad of original Jensen P10Q alnico speakers, a 5G12 circuit with five tube preamp, early pinkish brown tolex and oxblood grillcloth with gold stripe, and the unusual factory-plugged "pulse adjust" hole on the back panel for an extra control Fender omitted from the circuit after the panels had already been printed.

The combination of the Brownface 5G12 circuit and four matching original P10Q Jensen speakers is truly something to behold. The amp delivers sweet, dynamic clean tones with incredible sparkle and a certain high fidelity clarity noticeable as soon as you strum your first chord. Turn it up past 5 and the amp starts to smoothly overdrive with just the right amount of bite and the complex midrange bark that makes Fender's Brownface amps the perfect middle ground between the growl and attitude of Fender's Tweed amps and the glassy shimmer of the Blackface era. The EQ controls have an incredible wide sweep, and this amp is uncommonly warm for any Fender, never feeling too bright or brittle, with a focused bass register and ample headroom. The second channel boasts the Harmonic Vibrato circuit, which was the only Fender "Tremolo" circuit to ever have a true pitch shifting effect, with deep pulsating warbles.

The circuit is virtually untouched save for a couple swapped component values to ensure optimal functionality of the vibrato and proper tube bias. The Triad output and power transformers are intact, with a Schumacher-made choke that dates to the 11th week of '60. The amp retains all of original yellow Astron molded tone caps in the preamp, central to the sweet, musical sound of Fender's Brownface-era circuits, and visible codes on the CTS pots date to the 8th week of '60. The original Astron Minimite filter caps are all still intact and functional too, and the amp retains its original gray two-prong power cable.

The Jensen P10Q speakers are the original matched quad, extremely valuable in their own right with particularly clean teal frames, original bell covers, and minty Jensen foil stickers. The dates on the edges of the frames are from the 14th week of '60, and the frames are also stamped with mini "JD" stamps, identical to the date stamp on the tube chart, translating to April of 1960.

The original pinkish brown tolex and oxblood with gold stripe grillcloth are intact and in remarkable shape. There is a single minor cigarette burn on top, some staining on the sides from sap, telegraphing the knots in the solid wood enclosure, and some minor wear on the bottom of the enclosure including small caster mounting holes. The original chassis straps, nickel corners, sphinx glides, and flat "Fender" logo are all in great shape and present, and even the original "dogbone" handle is intact (although it does show signs of minor splitting).

This is an extremely rare Fender Concert in stunning, original condition, produced very early in its Brownface production run.