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1961 Fender Tremolux Blonde Piggyback Tube Amp 6G9 Circuit w/ EL84 (6BQ5) Tubes, 1x10 Tone Ring


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Up for sale, a 1961 Fender Tremolux in exceptional condition, boasting a 6G9 circuit, factory EL84 (6BQ5) power tube configuration, and one of the rarest speaker cabinets Fender ever produced: the 1x10 "Tone Ring." Only a couple hundred 6G9 Tremolux amps were ever produced, and given the high plate voltages of the EL84 power tubes, far fewer have survived, especially with their original full transformer compliment intact like the one seen here.

A stunningly well-kept, collector-grade example of the 6G9 Tremolux, this amp boasts the sweetness, tonal range, and harmonic clarity that characterizes the Fender Brownface circuits. The tone is pure, dynamic Fender clean sparkle until around 4 on the Volume dial where the amp begins to get just a touch of overdrive on the notes before cascading into full tube saturation when you dime it out. The bias based tremolo circuit has an incredibly deep pulse which operates on both channels, and the EQ controls have a positively huge sweep.

One very unique and desirable feature of this Tremolux is the ported Tone Ring speaker cabinet. This 1x10 enclosure was designed to deliver the clearest, most pure Fender tone, and as such utilizes a dual baffle board design in which the speaker floats between the baffles, mounted to a metal "tone ring." This elegant design makes the cabinet work as a closed back, ported enclosure and you'll notice greater range of your EQ controls, ample bass response and an overall sweeter, balanced tone that you simply can't get with any other Fender cabinet. This particular Tremolux is outfitted with a vintage Oxford 10K5 speaker which dates to '63. This speaker has a smooth top end, rich breakup, and an articulate voice that compliments the circuit well.

The EL84-driven 6G9 circuit is extremely original, only serviced strictly as needed to maintain optimal functionality with a couple new electrolytic caps in the preamp and a recap of the power supply. A bevy of original yellow Astron and blue molded Ajax caps are intact in the preamp, and all of the original Stackpole pots are present as well, with visible date codes from the 11th week of '61. The original Schumacher-made transformers are present, dating between the 13th and 17th weeks of '61. The chassis itself is very clean and the brown faceplate retains all of the original white barrel knobs.

Both the head and speaker cabinet feature original rough blonde tolex and oxblood grillcloth that shows sparingly little wear, sure to satisfy any discerning collector. Both the original Tone Ring baffles and the ring itself are present, with the original fiberglass sheets preset inside the speaker cab, along with a modern speaker harness. There is no tube chart inside the head cabinet. The stock hardware includes the nickel corners, tilt-back legs, matching pair of flat Fender logos, and one original dogbone handle on the head (the cabinet handle is a modern Fender dogbone replacement).

This Tremolux is a rare, collector-grade amp, and one of only a couple hundred produced in this configuration, boasting the piggyback Tremolux's initial 6G9 circuit, EL84 power tube compliment, and 1x10 Tone Ring speaker cabinet.

A one-button footswitch for engaging the Tremolo is included.