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1955 Fender Princeton Tweed Small Box Vintage Class A Tube Amp 5E2, 1x8 Jensen


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Up for sale, a 1955 Fender Princeton in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This narrow panel Tweed amp is the particularly rare "small box" example only offered in 1955, with a more compact enclosure identical to the Champ. The flawless tube chart and matching two digit P00057 serial stamped on the chassis speak to the early nature of this model, being the 57th narrow panel Princeton ever produced. The original tweed is uniformly ambered and very well-kept, and is one of the rarest and most unique golden-age Fender amps to come through our shop of late.

The circuit couldn't be more simple and pure, with single Volume and Tone knobs and a Class A circuit design, powered by a single 6V6 power tube. The tone is articulate, dynamic and commanding, with the sizzle and churning overdrive of a Champ, but greater ability to sculpt the tone. The top end response is just right, and the amp doesn't get too trebly, with a nice wooly warmth and reconed original Jensen 8" speaker, making the Tone control quite usable and giving the circuit the ability to handle ample low end without sounding loose or over-burdened.

The circuit is 100% original, with untouched solder joints save for a substituted era-correct two-prong power cable The circuit retains its original Triad transformers, and the original Stackpole pots, carbon comp resistors, and red "dynamite" Astron capacitors are intact. Visible codes on the Stackpole pots dat3 to the 43rd week of 1954. All of the original caps both in the preamp and power supply are still functioning as intended, a testament to the longevity of Fender's amps and component choices. The tubes are all vintage valves include a vintage RCA 5Y3, Hytron 6V6 power tube, and a UK-made 12AX7. The speaker is original and a particularly rare alnico Jensen, stamped "EE" just to the right of the magnet, matching the identical stamps on the chassis and tube chart. The tube chart is notable for its well-preserved condition, with perfect corners, handwritten serial number, and "EE" date stamp which translates to May of 1955.

The tweed is 100% original with light, uniform ambering, and some minor staining below the grillcloth, attributable to "bleed out" from the original rivets pinning the tweed. There are also two small holes on the upper back panel from a removed, non-original cable wrap. The original leather handle is intact and incredibly clean, as is the gleaming chrome faceplate with original silkscreen text and chicken head knobs.

This amp is a true rarity given its condition, and this particular example has been carefully tested and inspected to ensure originality and ideal functionality.