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1963 Magnatone Custom 460 Vintage 2x12 Tube Guitar Amp Estey Fully Serviced w/ Reverb & Vibrato


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Up for sale, a 1963 Magnatone Custom 460 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Officially known as the "Victory" 460 model, this two channel Magnatone was made under the direction of the Estey company who purchased Magna Electronics and began updating the earlier circuits by issuing the 400 series in '61. Essentially a model 260 with the addition of Reverb, the Victory 460 retailed for $399 when it was introduced, over 20% more than the most expensive Fenders in its day.  As a result, while this was undeniably the golden age of Magnatone amps, precious few were sold and they are much rarer in any condition than other professional tube amps of the day. This amp is freshly serviced, retaining the original Oxford 12K5 alnico speaker pair (and corresponding pair of midrange drivers), boasting Magnatone's famous true pitch vibrato circuit.

Powered by a pair of modern matched Sovtek 5881 (6L6) tubes, this amp has a great clean tone with individual Bass and Treble controls on each channel, with a very usable two-way tone toggle that shapes the overall color and range of the EQ on the preamp. The amp overdrives smoothly as well, but of course the hallmark of any Magnatone amp is its true pitch vibrato, and this amp delivers the classic effect with a depth and width that's beyond any other circuit of the era. The pulse and warble of the vibrato is vibrant and lush, with an optional extension cabinet output to widen the vibrato effect. The small oval midrange drivers also do a great deal to accentuate the top end swirl of the vibrato, and this second pair of speakers is hidden from view until the chassis is removed. Tube-driven Reverb rounds out the amp's features, an effect only seen on the Estey-era Magnatones, and the amp retains its original long two spring Accutronics tank.

The hand-wired point-to-point circuit is extremely original and the preamp is virtually untouched save for a few substituted electrolytic caps to ensure optimal functionality. All of the original blue molded Ajax caps are intact, the same caps seen in Fender's Pre-CBS circuits and lauded for their sweet, musical character. The original CTS pots are all present, with visible date codes from the 17th week of '63. Both original Schumacher-made transformers have clean date codes on the bells from mid-1962, and the Accutronics reverb tank is dated to the 19th week of '63, also retaining its small Magnatone 460 model sticker. All four original speakers are present (two primary drivers and two oval midrange speakers), with a matched pair of alnico magnet Oxford 12K5 drivers, dating to the 19th week of '62.

The amp retains its original dark brown bindery cloth covering and grillcloth with gold sparkle thread, and the original Estey badge is present in the lower right corner of the grill. The Magnatone - High Fidelity gold faceplate is particularly well-kept, and the silkscreen graphics are fully intact framing the knobs, which are a modern matched set. Wear is limited to some requisite scuffing on the enclosure edges and wear through the bindery cloth on the lower edges.

This Magnatone 460 has all of the charm and exquisite tone of its previous incarnation as the 260, with the addition of tube driven reverb.