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TC Electronic G-System Integrated Effects & Management w/ Flight Case, Manual


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Up for sale, a TC Electronic G-System Integrated Effects & Management in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with flight case and manual. The G-System is an expansive floor-based guitar multi effects processor and management tool with customizable setup and effect pedal integration. Offering an impressive range of pristine guitar effects, dual DSP with full 96 KHZ / 24 bit conversion and processing meets incredible, hair raising tone. Custom button layout and assignment, multiple actions with one button press, and custom effect routing allow virtually limitless setup options.

Despite providing 25 hi-fi effects, including multiple delays, reverbs, chorus, flangers, phasers, tremolo, and vibrato to name a few, it is worth noting that TC Electronics intentionally omitted drive effects. Instead of compromising quality, the G-System is designed to integrate your favorite overdrive or distortion pedal seamlessly, easily making them part of the system via 4 analog loops and 9VDC outputs.

Cosmetic wear is limited to a few minor marks on the stainless enclosure. The graphics are pristine, and all of the large chrome switches are intact.

  • Floor-based Multi-effects processor
  • Up to 9 effects can be used simultaneously
  • 100 factory presets
  • Up to 200 user presets
  • Fast and smooth preset changes featuring Delay spill-overs.
  • 4 switchable mono-loops for integration of your favorite effect pedals.
  • 1 additional loop/insert point dedicated for pre-amps.
  • 4 x 9V DC outlets powering your effect pedals.
  • USB connector for software updates.
  • Ultimate flexibility as the Control Board can be separated from the GFX01. This allows you to place the GFX01 with loops etc. in a 19" rack while leaving the Control Board on the floor.
  • MIDI for control of additional external MIDI units.
  • Connectors for 2/4 expression pedals.
  • 25 hi fidelity effects
  • Total control over sounds, including amp channel switching
  • Total integration, including 3 powered loops for your pedals