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1964 Fender Tremolux Vintage Pre-CBS Blackface Piggyback Tube Amp Blonde & Gold Sparkle, Oxford 10K5


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Up for sale, a 1964 Fender Tremolux in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The very first Blackface-era iteration of the Tremolux with its "Fender Electric Instruments" faceplate, smooth blonde tolex and gold sparkle grillcloth, this visually stunning amp offers a broad range of sparkling cleans and rich overdrive textures. Extremely original with the stock pair of Oxford speakers, the tone is stunning and quintessential Blackface Fender, with the perfect amount of clean headroom before the amp cascades into slightly compressed tube overdrive around 5 on the volume dial. The vibrato has a strong pulse, and each channel has a similar voicing, although the Normal channel has just a touch more low end and midrange punch.

The preamp is extremely original, retaining all of the blue molded Ajax caps which are essential to the sweet, musical character of Fender's Blackface-era circuits. The transformers (manufactured by Schumacher, Fender's primary transformer supplier in the '60s) include the original power transformer and choke which both date to 1963, while the output transformer is a genuine Tremolux transformer which was substituted at some point in the amp's life and dates to early 1965. It's entirely possible that this is an early, factory-installed transformer. The CTS pots are all intact, with visible date codes from the 7th week of '64. The power supply features a full compliment of vintage Sprague Atoms, and the power cable has been upgraded to a modern three-prong variety. The power tubes are a matched pair of Sovtek 5881s (6L6s), and the preamp tubes and 5AR4 rectifier are all vintage valves from the likes of Amperex and RCA. The tube chart is intact with only light wear and a clean "NE" date stamp, which translates to May of 1964.

The speaker cab boasts the original pair of Oxford 10K5 ceramic magnet speakers. These speakers have clean black frames and have both been professionally reconed, with matching date stamps from the 5th week of 1964. All of the original fiberglass baffling is intact inside the cabinet too.

The amp has its original smooth blonde tolex and gold sparkle grillcloth, a cosmetic combination only available for a few short months at the end of 1963 leading into the first half of '64. The tolex shows only very minor scuffing and edge wear, and the grillcloth has plenty of sparkle left in the thread. Both original raised Fender logos are intact, and the faceplate is very well-kept, retaining its full compliment of original witch hat knobs. All of the original hardware is accounted for including handle caps, nickel corners, sphinx glides (feet), and piggyback clipbars and threaded cabinet inserts.

A modern one-button footswitch is included to engage the tremolo, along with a reproduction Fender speaker cable.