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1948 Gibson BR-9 Vintage Lap Steel w/ Case, Alnico P-90 Pickup


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Up for sale, a 1948 Gibson BR-9 lap steel in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original case. Unveiled in June of 1947, this particular BR-9 is an extremely early example dating to the first weeks of '48, boasting the original P-90 pickup with non-adjustable alnico slugs (this pickup was phased out by '51). The tone is bold and sparking, with a distinctive midrange bite and sweet treble sparkle. This BR-9 is strung with fresh 11-48 roundwound strings.

The Cremona Brown lucite fingerboard is numbered with a 29 fret range and 22 1/2" scale length. The nut has been upgraded to a hand-carved piece of bone measuring 2" in width, and the headstock retains the original open-gear Kluson tuners. Even the original shrunken (and still viable) tuner buttons are intact.

All of the electronics are original, with the alnico pole P-90 wired to the stock harness, featuring untouched solder joints and CTS pots that date to the 3rd week of '48. The Cremona Brown pickup cover/control plate is extremely clean and crack-free with a pinkish tint, and the original pair of ivory knobs are intact. The jack plate is a modern replacement. The finish is noted as "Beige" in Gibson's vintage catalogs, exhibiting some wear across the strum path and on the body parameter, primarily on the tail end.

The original case is included, complete with original functional latches and luggage-style handle.