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1988 Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Black Label Japan


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Up for sale, a 1988 Boss Turbo OD-2 Overdrive distortion effects pedal in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. The OD-2 was created as a replacement for the OD-1 in the mid 1980s, with production moving to Taiwan in late 1988, placing this pedal at the very tail end of the original Japanese production run. Building off the already legendary OD-1, the newer design offered two distinct modes. In Mode One the sound is similar to the original OD-1 with warm, vintage, tube-like overdrive tones, while in Turbo mode, even more gain is available, and a Tone control is included for sonic fine-tuning. The OD-2 is built using only discrete components (no integrated circuits).

This OD-2 shows a light array of small chips in the yellow finish on the enclosure. The original knobs are intact, and the original silkscreen lettering is pristine. Inside the battery compartment, the original serial number sticker is present, dating the pedal to September of 1988, and the black foil label is quite clean on the back of the enclosure.