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1967 Vox Super Continental Vintage Dual Manual Combo Organ V401 E/2 w/ Z Legs & Case, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1967 Vox Continental model V401 E/2 in excellent condition and in good working order, complete with the original chrome Z legs and matching case. While the Continental may be the undisputed King of the Combo Organs, its big brother the Super Continental builds on the traditional Connie platform with a dual manual design, enhanced bass register functionality, and revoiced manuals with distinct drawbar footings.

This Vox dishes out everything from deep, B3-esque swirl to quintessential '60s kitch. The lower manual is essentially identical to a single manual Vox Continental, yet shifted an octave up in terms of drawbar footings, and the versatility and nuance available with just this six drawbar design is truly staggering. The 8-16" Bass switch allows for deeper, fuller sounds than a typical Continental, and the additional Bass Sustain knob further enhances this C to C 13 note dedicated bass range. A pair of additional Bass-dedicated drawbars also govern this section. The upper manual has five drawbars for the various footings (instead of the usual four), and the II and III ranges allow for some particularly sparkling and bright harmonic clusters. The complexity and sheer variety of the tones available make the Continental the standout choice for gigging and studio work. Nothing comes close to emulating the rich, edgy organ textures of a Continental, and their reliability and tonal versatility made them a favorite of the Beatles, the Doors, Elvis Costello, and many others.

This organ has just been fully serviced, and all drawbar settings and keys are responding as they should. The keys are level and play smoothly with a responsive action and brand new bushings. All of the drawbars work well and have been cleaned so as to engage properly at all settings, moving smoothly with a satisfying "click". The white and black drawbar tips are mostly original with a couple new replacements added as needed, and the On/Off and Vibrato switches are brand new components. The original two-prong power cable receptacle is intact, paired with a modern two-prong cable.

Cosmetically, this organ retains its original smooth gray covering on the organ and textured orange top, complete with the Super Continenal nameplate. A music stand was at one time bolted to the orange top, thus the few additional mounting holes, and there are two cigarette burns adjacent to the bass controls. The tiny "Made in Italy" badge is present above the larger model/serial number plaque. On the inside of the lid and base of the organ, the original model badges have matching serial numbers. The tolex shows moderate wear on the bottom edges in particular, with a couple bald corners and various scuffs on the lid and exterior.

If you're looking to coax out the most oft imitated and highly desired combo organ tones, this Vox Super Continental will do it with a depth, nuance, and variety not found in any other keyboard.

The original Z legs are included, with bright chrome that shows light surface patina, paired with new North Coast leg braces. The matching Z legs case is also included, and most of the small rubber "belts" inside the case are still functional, along with the case's two main latches. The wingnuts for mounting the legs to the organ are all original, while the two bolts holding the leg braces are modern.