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1990s Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo Stereo Pan Guitar Effects Pedal USA-Made w/ Box


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Up for sale, a 1990's Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo Stereo Pan effects pedal in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. This workhorse effect offers both mono and true stereo operation, with a responsive control set for a wide array of useful Tremolo sounds. Knobs include Intensity, Shape, and Speed, with an on/off footswitch, a Mono/Stereo footswitch, and a mini Mono/Stereo push button adjacent to the jacks. In Stereo mode, the effect pings between the panned output signals, providing an incredible spread. The Shape knob molds the waveform from classic, smooth sine waves, to jagged, angular squares, while the Speed varies from long, undulating swells, to fast machine gun jitters.

Cosmetic wear is limited to light scuffs on the edges of the purple enclosure. The gold graphics are pristine, and the original chrome knurled knob set is intact. The original box is included.