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Ovaltone OD-Five 2 eXplosion Handmade Dual Channel High Gain Overdrive Near Mint Japan w/ Box


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Up for sale, an Ovaltone OD-Five 2 eXplosion overdrive guitar effects pedal in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and paperwork. Handmade in Japan and rarely seen outside its country of origin, the OD-Five 2 eXplosion is a high-end, versatile, high gain, dual channel analog overdrive effects pedal. Each channel features separate controls for Volume, Middle, Edge (Treble), and Gain, with three individual selectable Gain types via a mini toggle switch. Gain types consist of Ultra, Low, and High, for three distinct shades of overdrive that can be assigned separately to each channel, allowing on the fly changes. A Bright switch is located on the front of the enclosure for more presence if desired. The sonic quality of this pedal is impressive, and the overdrive has a very natural response akin to a truly pushed tube amp.

Cosmetically, this pedal is like new, with pristine graphics and the original knob set.

The original box and paperwork is included.