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2018 Vintage Sound 40BR Rick Hayes Tweed Tube Amp Head & 2x10 Cab, Vibroverb


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Up for sale, a 2018 Vintage Sound 40BR amplifier head and matching 2x10 cabinet in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Based on the revered Brownface Vibroverb circuit, this 40BR is a point-to-point hand-wired amplifier utilizing top quality electrolytics, carbon comp resistors, Orange Drop tone caps, solid core push-back wire, and custom transformers that are hand-wound in the USA. The head and cabinet take an aesthetic page from Fender's 1950's playbook with diagonal ambered lacquered Tweed and Oxblood grillcloth, with a forward-facing deep brown faceplate and full compliment of cream barrel knobs. As Fender's first reverb-equipped combo and an amp that can command a five figure price tag on the vintage market, the 1963 iteration of the Vibroverb is captured in all its glory in Vintage Sound's 40BR. A welcome addition to any player's arsenal, this amp delivers the bold cleans, and warm, textured overdrive of the early Vibroverb circuit, as well as the splash and decay of true tube-driven spring Reverb and the pulse and chop of the bias-based Tremolo circuit.

The select pine cabinet is constructed with dovetail joints and features a birch ply baffle, loaded with the stock pair of Warehouse G10C speakers. A perfect compliment to the circuit, the G10Cs excel at pristine, vintage-style American cleans with a glassy, detailed quality and great wattage handling. A tube rectified, 6L6 driven affair, the circuit features a matched pair of TAD 6L6s, with a TAD GZ34 (5AR4) rectifier and a host of dual triode preamp tubes, also branded TAD and Electro Harmonix. The head features adjustable bias points, an Ohms selector for 2, 4 or 8 ohm cabinets, and a Dwell knob, providing additional control over the Reverb effect. Cosmetically, this amp is positively pristine with virtually no wear to report on the lacquered tweed.

The original two-button footswitch is included.