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1987 Boss LM-2 Limiter Analog Effects Pedal Black Label Japan


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Up for sale, a 1987 Boss LM-2 Limiter effects pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order, made in Japan with the original black foil label. With a high quality VCA, the LM-2 suppresses the peaks while maintaining a pristine signal. Controls consist of Level, Tone, Release, and Threshold, offering precise parameters to be tailored to the signal. The LM-2 initially gained popularity amongst bass players, resulting in the ensuing release of bass specific limiters henceforth.

Cosmetically, there are scattered tiny chips and scuffs on the enclosure. One of the knobs is a replacement, while the silkscreen graphics are well-preserved, and the black foil label is clean and intact on the back. The serialized sticker in the battery compartment is intact too.