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1937 Martin 00-18H Hawaiian Conversion Shaded Top Vintage Acoustic Guitar, Adirondack Spruce w/Case


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Up for sale, a 1937 Martin 00-18H in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This Pre-War Shaded Top 00 was converted from its original Hawaiian designation for more conventional playing by T.J. Thompson, and the work is of the highest calibre, with vintage-spec bar frets, professional neck reset, and carved bone saddle.
Featuring a solid X braced Adirondack spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides with 12 frets clear of the body, the tone is positively sparkling, with layers of rich harmonic overtones and a distinctly dry response. Freakishly dynamic and lively, the guitar has incredible projection with a flat pick, and an extremely even, smooth, and detailed sound when fingerpicked. Low end has both a very punchy character and also a smooth growl when you dig in. The clarity across all strings cannot be overstated, and the guitar's percussive cut slices through any ensemble. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, we've dialed in this Martin with fresh 12-53 strings and comfortable action.
The mahogany neck has a very soft V profile carve, bordering on a slender C and measuring .830" deep at the 1st fret, tapering to 1.040" at the 9th. The bar frets on the ebony fretboard are flawless, and the guitar plays effortlessly up the 24.9" scale. The ebony nut measures 1 13/16" in width, and the rosewood headstock veneer retains the original nigh flawless Martin silkscreen. The original nickel open-gear strip tuners are intact, turning smoothly and holding pitch well.
The ebony bridge sits flush with the top, and the modern carved bone saddle has ample height, with 2 5/16" string spacing. The original tortoise pickguard is intact, and there is tight spiderweb checking on the "Shaded Top" nitro lacquer. There are two professionally addressed cracks on the top behind the bridge on either side of the center seam, and some lacquer chipping along the lower bout edge on top as well (a trapeze tailpiece was installed at one time in the guitar's life and cleanly removed). The top and back are framed by dark tortoise binding, and there is very light clear lacquer overspray on the back and sides. The guitar exhibits one very slender repair adjacent to the binding on the back treble side lower bout edge, a pair of splits on the sides just north of the ebony endpin, and only a few additional minor scuffs and marks of wear on the back and sides. The neck profile is extremely clean with only a few tiny pinhead-sized nicks.
A brand new Martin-branded black tolex hardshell case is included.