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1960 Gibson GA-40 Les Paul Tweed Tube Combo Amp 1x12 w/ Jensen P12P


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Up for sale, a 1960 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 tweed tube amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Direct competition for Fender's tweed amps, this GA-40 was analogous to Fender's Tremolux, with a dual 6V6 driven circuit, four-input design, built-in tremolo, and oversized open-back cabinet with a single 12" Jensen P12P alnico driver.
The Les Paul GA-40 sounds detailed and full at all volume levels with a distinctive punch and a dynamic, rich sound. The more you turn up the Volume, the richer the saturation becomes, with singing harmonics, sweet sounding crunch, and distinctive midrange bite. The Tremolo is one of the most pronounced and throbbing circuits we've ever heard on a vintage tube amp. The pulse of the trem is strong without being too choppy, and for an effect that essentially is just volume modulation, it really has a three-dimensional quality.

The circuit is very original, and the original transformers are intact, all dating to 1960 and manufactured by Magnetic Components Inc. The amp has been recapped as need to ensure optimal functionality and tone, and the preamp retains all of the original pots and carbon comp resistors. Th tube compliment includes a modern pair of Sovtek 6V6 power tubes with a vintage GE rectifier and a combination of newer and vintage preamp valves. The date stamp on the stock Jensen P12P speaker frame is from the 37th week of 1960, and the speaker still retains the original foil label on the magnet bell.

Cosmetically, the original tweed covering and oxblood grillcloth are both intact, and while the tweed does show some modest staining and its fair share of scuffs, it is remarkably well preserved with minor balding on the bottom corners of the cabinet. Save one, all of the stock chicken head knobs are present, and the chrome-plating on the faceplate is particularly gleaming with virtually all of the original silkscreen text still intact. The original Gibson luggage-style handle is present too.
The original footswitch is included, complete with original mount on the inside of the cabinet.