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Union Tube & Transistor Swindle Distortion Electric Guitar Effect Pedal, Brand New


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Up for sale, a Union Tube & Transistor Swindle distortion pedal, brand new in its original box.
With a bright, in your face color scheme that evokes early Sex Pistols era punk rock, the Swindle distortion was designed to capture the flavor of a vintage Marshall, and all the rich, warm, tube distortion that goes along with it. This pedal covers a lot of ground for a pedal with only two knobs, with a wide range of gain textures available via the right knob (Distortion). The Tour Swindle can do edge of breakup in the lower settings, and when cranked, the distortion takes on a slightly fuzzy character that will please fans of vintage RAT pedals, all while keeping remarkable touch sensitivity and volume knob cleanup control.
This box boasts distortion and master volume knobs, a 9v DC power adaptor jack (adaptor not included), and internal battery clip. All Union Tube & Transistor pedals are hand crafted in East Vancouver, BC and feature rugged Hammond, die-cast aluminum enclosures, socketed IC chips, Alpha pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, and top quality parts throughout.