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1960s Impact 60 Pre-Dallas Arbiter Vintage Tube Amp Head UK, Partridge Transformers


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Up for sale, a 1960's Impact 60 vintage tube amplifier head in excellent condition and in perfect working order. An exceedingly rare and visually stunning head tonally in the Hiwatt mold, the Impact 60 is a UK-made EL34-driven powerhouse with original massive Partridge transformers. Impact amps were originally produced by Pan Musical Instruments Ltd, a small British company founded by Don Mackrill in 1963, and this particular Impact predates the company's purchase by Dallas Arbiter later in the decade. Big, shimmering, commanding tones with a crisp British edge can easily be coaxed out of both channels, and the tube compliment of vintage matched RCA 6CA7 (EL34) power tubes and Mullard preamp tubes provides a rich, dynamic signal.

The circuit is hand-wired on a tag board with the majority of original tone capacitors and metal film resistors intact. The amp has been recapped and serviced as necessary for optimal playability, and the original Partridge transformers are present, coveted for their top shelf construction and widely considered to be the best vintage British transformers ever produced. The amp has a modern three-prong power cable, and the speaker outputs on the back are switchable from 8 to 16 ohms.

The cabinet and aesthetics of the Impact were certainly designed to do just that, and the unique angled face of the head and reverse angled grillcloth give the amp a bit of Space Age flair. The original black tolex has retains its white piping, and the turquoise faceplate retains the sextet of polished chrome knobs, similar, but not identical to the ones Vox used in the mid '60s. The tolex shows some expected light scuffs and small tears, particularly on the back edges, but overall this Impact presents very well and is a rare, professionally maintained and extremely original vintage British tube amp head very Hiwatt-esque in its tonal delivery.