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Caroline Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Caroline Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb. Imagine taking the ice bucket challenge, but you’re dunking yourself in dreams! Inspired by the ultra-modern line 14 of the Paris Métro and its sleek platforms of glass, steel and tile that add all kinds of cool sonic artifacts to the space, the MÉTÉORE (pronounced may-tay-or) is Caroline's take on reverb.

Météore’s singularity is primarily due to its utilization of a digital spring reverb block, which produces everything from classic reverb sounds to intensified and distorted effects that can be pushed beyond the brink into oscillating chaos. The unit’s Havoc control corresponds with the Size control to move between perpetual holding to earth shattering sonic breakdowns. Internally, it features a completely analog signal path, meaning its overdrive and regeneration controls can push the reverb into glacial territory that literally escapes the possibilities afforded by more traditional reverb pedals.