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Union Tube & Transistor Pop Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Brand New, Tone Druid


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Up for sale, a Union Tube & Transistor Pop overdrive pedal, brand new in its original wooden crate, and wrapped in a Union Tube and Transistor bandana. Here's what the builder has to say about the Pop pedal:

"The Pop takes the concept behind the Tone Druid but replaces the MORE section of the circuit with a sharp treble booster, allowing treble booster grit that interacts with the analog 12ax7 simulation. Think of sharp Beatle's stabs. The Pop uses a standard 9V centre negative adaptor. Power consumption with no signal is 45mA and at max OP (+16dBu) is 52mA."

All Union Tube & Transistor pedals are hand crafted in East Vancouver, BC and feature rugged Hammond, die-cast aluminum enclosures, socketed IC chips, Alpha pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, and top quality parts throughout.