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Retro King Tremotone 5G9 1x12 Hand-Wired Boutique Tweed Tube Amp w/ Tremolo


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Up for sale, a Retro-King Tremtone 5G9 1x12” tweed combo amplifier in showroom-clean condition and in perfect working order. Hand-wired and assembled by Chuck Dean in Marcellus, NY, this Tremtone 5G9 was designed as a faithful recreation of the much-lauded late ‘50s narrow panel Tweed-era Fender Tremolux. The “Big Box” cabinet gives the 17-watt circuit additional lower-mids and bass register presence (when compared to a Tweed Deluxe-sized cabinet). Additionally, the long-tailed phase inverter provides great headroom and articulation, further setting it apart from other lower wattage Tweed-style amps.

The Tremtone 5G9 has a dual-channel design, with independent Volume controls for the Bright and Normal channels, a Master Tone knob, and Depth and Speed controls for the Tremolo effect. The two channels can be bridged with a small patch cable for an added gain stage and interactivity between the Volumes, and while the amp does offer notable headroom, there's plenty of overdriven grit, sizzle and bark on tap when the amp is pushed. As with the original 5G9 Fender Tremolux, this Tremtone also has a lush, bias-based footswitchable tremolo.

The circuit was hand-wired in the traditional fashion on an eyelet board, with vintage-accurate premium componentry including Jupiter tone and bypass caps, carbon comp resistors, cloth-covered leads, and USA-made paper bobbin original spec transformers. Except for a bias pot and a Standby switch (ensuring both longer tube life and more dialed-in power tube bias), the circuit is a dead-on replica of the original 5G9. The tube complement includes a pair of JJ 6V6 power tubes and three JJ 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes, with an EHX 5U4 rectifier.

The cabinet is loaded with a 12” Weber Alnico 12A150B speaker, which has a Jensen P12N-style tone “with a slight British twist;” chiming and punchy, with clear highs and bold, somewhat compressed sound when driven.

Traditional cosmetics include a lacquered tweed covering on the solid pine cabinet, and oxblood grillcloth with gold stripe. Other period-correct details include a premium leather handle, a gleaming chrome-plated control plate with white silkscreen text and chicken head knobs, and a small metal "Retro King" badge on the amp's face. This amp is exceedingly well-kept, with barely a mark on it.

The one-button footswitch to engage the tremolo is included.