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Reeves Custom 225 Boutique Tube Bass Amp Stack w/ 4x10 Cabinet, KT88


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Up for sale, a Reeves Custom 225 boutique tube bass amp stack in near mint condition and in perfect working order. The complete package is offered here, with the Custom 225 head paired with a 4x10 Reeves cabinet, all with nigh flawless black basketweave tolex and salt 'n' pepper grillcloth. The head has a custom flight case, and the cabinet comes with a D2F padded cover and casters.

Hiwatt was the brainchild of Harry Joyce and Dave Reeves, and this modern boutique build adopts the name of the latter in its unabashed quest to capture the distinctive circuitry and rugged quality central to the magic of vintage Hiwatt amps. The Custom 225 is not a direct replica of a vintage Hiwatt (although it owes a significant debt to the DR201), yet the tonal flavor is unmistakable, with high-end components and exquisite build quality that absolutely nails what a vintage high gain British bass amp is supposed to do. Like early Hiwatts, Reeves places most components on two turret boards with impeccable lead dress and component placement to prevent parasitic crosstalk and ensure the purest, richest signal.

The stout, well-filtered power supply utilizes high-end Heyboer transformers, and like the original Hiwatts' Partridge transformers, the Heyboers have an unusually wide frequency response for a musical instrument application, contributing to the amp's unique sonic signature. Power comes courtesy of a matched quartet of JJ KT88 tubes, for a thunderous 225 all-tube watts. The Reeves' front-panel layout is simple, effective, and unmistakably Hiwatt, with a unique tone stack that is flat-ish when the knobs are set to noon, and a Presence control for high-end treble response. The Active/Passive switch adjusts input gain, and the smooth-sounding DI output is driven directly off the output transformer.

The Custom 225 is deliciously creamy and dynamically colorful in the classic Hiwatt tradition, with a buttery midrange and treble frequency response that can be dialed in for more mellow thump or articulate cut. At higher volumes the Custom 225 is resoundingly stout and authoritative. Pushed to the point of saturation, the amp dishes out signature British grind with the kind of dirt and muscle that can only come from an amplifier of this stature. Yet for the volume-minded studio player, the DI signal is very warm and dynamic.

The speaker cabinet is constructed of finger-jointed 3/4" marine birch plywood, and the sealed 4x10 enclosure features neodymium magnet speakers, capable of handling 1000 watts.


-Two channel preamp design with bright and normal volume controls
-Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence tone controls
-Master Volume
-225w via four KT-88's
-Three 12AX7's, One 12AT7
-Hand wired turret board construction
-Active/Passive input selector
-Switchable 2, 4, 8 ohm impedance switch
-Transformer balanced XLR line out