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Recovery Effects Viktrolux Delay Guitar Effects Pedal, Cutting Room Floor


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Up for sale, a Recovery Effects Viktrolux in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Handbuilt in Seattle, WA, with point-to-point circuitry, Viktrolux (now rechristened the Cutting Room Floor) is an overtly weird and versatile time-based modulation effect. It’s an echo with grit and drive, twisting and warping with the unstableness that only a broken tape deck could do, until now. Driving slightly like a signal hitting tape right before the point of breakup, the Viktrolux redefines echo and modulation in a single pedal that can be used on a wide variety of instruments and recording applications. Guide the shape and speed of lighter irregularities with the Flutter control, while Stability turns Flutter on and off. Repetition toggles between single or repeat delays, while the dynamics-sensitive Wow controls the level of sonic melting and tape spilling onto the floor. Shape controls the waveform of the flutter, from triangle to square.