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Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro Multi-Tap Delay Stereo w/ Box, Power Supply


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Up for sale, a Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and power supply. The Echolution 2 Ultra Pro is a programmable multi-tap delay with unprecedented flexibility and sound design potential. Offering a combination of state-of-the-art analog and digital processing, the Echolution 2 achieves the ambient richness of the finest studio delay processors by using 100% analog Class-A, discrete transistor limiters as well as non-linear tape emulator stages and filters to massage the audio coming through the delay line. Every feature can be run simultaneously in any combination, and all 60 presets can be manipulated in real time via the front panel and saved for instant recall.

Fully capable of handling instrument and line level sound sources, the Echolution 2 delivers low-noise, high-headroom delay processing with virtually any rig. Stereo inputs and outputs are provided, sporting an all analog dry signal path along with extensive analog tone shaping and filtering before and after the delay line. Rather than try to mimic the sound of analog delays, the Echolution 2 uses real analog filters and non-linear saturation stages to achieve its signature warmth and dynamic range.

Cosmetic wear is limited to a few minor scuffs mostly relegated to the bottom of the enclosure. The graphics are pristine, the stock knobs are all present, and the original box and power supply are included.


-True Stereo I/O
-10ms-12sec delay time
-15 multi tap patterns
-Independent Pitch Shifting of each Delay tap
-Tap Temo or Manual Control
-8 Modulation Waveforms
-8 Filter modes
-LFO Sync to Tap and MIDI
-Bit Crusher Destruction
-Reverse Delay
-Expression pedal parameter control
-Envelope parameter control
-Ping Pong
-Octave Jump Delay
-Halo “Shimmer” Effect
-Freeze Effect
-Delay Line Bypass
-Dry Kill
-Remote Preset Selection
-Complete MIDI control
-MIDI out